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Early Childhood Education & Care Courses and Other Courses in Tarneit

Get certification from ACPS to get a job easily in Tarneit or any other city in Australia. We are nationally recognised and accredited to provide training for different professional courses in Tarneit.

You can apply for any course at ACPS and get the opportunity to try your hand in practice. We work in association with various platforms that have multiple job opportunities for our students.

At ACPS, you are given real life situations to work on in order to understand the practicality of a problem. Our practical training is backed by experts who will guide you to get through these real-world situations. For e.g.:

  • Supervising a playgroup for community children to gain administration experience.
  • Preparing and serving food safely and examining children.

ACPS graduates learn to take care of young kids, older generations, the needy, differently abled, and more in a variety of settings. After the completion of the course, you are eligible for employment in services in community, social, commercial, and domestic settings.

We Provide Work Placement Opportunities to Our Students

Australia is experiencing an increase in the population, which has significantly heightened the demand for early childhood education and care. Children’s growth has become an important issue for which the requirement for childhood education and care workers is on a rise. In this substantial growth, the Australian College of Professional Studies will assist you in establishing your career in the early childhood education and care industry.

With the Australian College of Professional Studies, you:

  • Enjoy support and guidance from experts
  • Receive valuable skills
  • Contribute to the community while gaining a successful career

The Australian College of Professional Studies’ Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care is modelled to cultivate your awareness on topics relevant to the childcare vicinity. It strengthens your empirical skills to provide outstanding quality care and education to young kids. You will be trained and taught about first aid, how to look after infants and toddlers, and how to support a child’s growth.

Government-Funded Courses and Skill Tests in Tarneit

The Australian government associates with its public and understands the need of employment and education. This is the reason the government has sought an initiative to subsidise certain professional courses for eligible students.

The Australian College of Professional Studies is a nationally recognised and accredited institution that provides free education for eligible students.

The list of country’s competent courses that are available at our institute are:

  1. CHC50113 –Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care
  2. HLTSS00066 –Infection Control Skill Set (Food Handling)
  3. HLTSS00064 –Infection Control Skill Set (Health and Community Services)
  4. CHC43315 –Certificate Iv in Mental Health
  5. HLTAID004 –Provide Emergency First Aid Response in An Education and Care Settings
  6. HLTAID003 –Provide First Aid
  7. HLTAID001 –Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  8. CHC40213 –Certificate IV in Education Support
  9. CHC62015 –Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management
  10. CHC33015 –Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing and Home & Community)
  11. CHC50213 – Diploma of School Age Education and Care
  12. CHC30113 –Certificate III in Early Childhood Education & Care

The government funding is available for courses ranging from certificates to advanced diplomas. Somewhere, the procedure is financed by state government representatives while other processes are federally funded. Government funded courses are available for both online and classroom-based courses.

Australian College of Professional Studies is your proficient educational institute in Tarneit. Enrol now to strengthen your skills. Get assistance from Australia’s trusted and competent educators and faculty.

Contact us on 0432 664 714 or write to us at info@acpstudies.edu.au for more information.