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Australian College Of Professional Studies (TOID: 41036), established in 2014, provides excellence in education offering exceptional training programs and positive futures for our students and the communities in which we operate. Our training programs are tailored to meet specific industry requirements and are based on the National Skills Framework (NSF).

Our vision is to provide high-quality training and assessment programs that exceed our students expectations. Our training courses are Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) nationally recognised and accredited to meet vocational and educational standards.

We work in line with the often-quoted statement ‘learn as if you were to live forever to use education as the most powerful weapon to change the world’.

Our Strategic Framework

ACPS strategic planning is framed in three pillars.

The three pillars are:

  • Our Fundamentals
  • Our Enablers
  • Our Goals


Our Fundamentals

  1. Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Australian College of Professional Studies (TOID: 41036), to provide best practice education, high-quality nationally recognised vocational training, and assessment within the National Skills Framework (NSF) that is tailored to improve the quality of work and professionalism in the Australian education sector.

  1. Our vision

Our vision includes a commitment to excellence in education, equity, and social responsibility to offer exceptional value and positive futures for our students and the communities in which we operate.

Our vibrant supportive training organisation provides its’ learning community with high-quality teaching and learning opportunities that adhere to the requirements of the Australian Standards Qualifications Authority (ASQA).

We support, inspire, and educate our students to achieve excellent results in their chosen field, career, professional and academic goals. This is achieved by an engaging and rigorous curriculum, career pathways, flexible delivery, and learning support services to achieve the standards of the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF). 

  1. Our Values

The values of ACPS reflect the principles of our quality services. These values are enthused by our inspiration to become a leading education provider. Our pursuit of excellence is guided by the following seven core values:

  • Community
  • Collaboration
  • Excellence
  • Equity
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Skills Development & Innovation



We are committed to building a professional community that is bonded through shared values, goals, reciprocal support systems, and professional relationships.


We carry a load of responsibility together by building purposeful relationships grounded in cooperation and a shared vision.


We create values and visions of quality and excellence and filter them into a strategic business direction and focus.


We believe that every person deserves to be seen, heard, and cared for. This happens when we are inclusive, act with integrity, and reduce any students service disparities.


We are committed to our values and we protect our company culture through our commitment to possessing integrity at an organizational level.


We value respect: respect for our employees, respect for our customers, partners, and suppliers, respect for our service, respect for laws and business practices, respect for the environment we work in.

Skills Development & Innovation

We encourage curiosity and new ideas, and through our skills and innovation, we generate solutions for our customers and learn from mistakes, and constantly strive to exceed expectations.

  1. Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is framed on enhancing liberation, practicality, nurturing integrity, accountability, and creativity of learners. We believe in the power of education to transform lives.

We provide our students with the meaning and passion of education.

Student learning and teaching, research, and partnering with industry, are core to what we do, with purpose and determination. We empower people to learn and grow, we care deeply about the work we do, and we take pride in what we do.

Our staff. The most valuable enablers are our staff. Our staff is the enablers of our vision. Our staff’s great care, professional performance, and highest quality outcome have made us one of the most admired RTOs in West Melbourne, if not in greater Melbourne.

Our students. Our students also are our enablers. Our students see their studies in the context of the wider world. Their active participation in the training and assessment strategy and work placement and their ability to place their learning in context helps us to connect learners and industry. It also helps them to develop a sense of place and identity. We believe this is the main reason why our students call our campus their own.

Our organizational culture. At the heart of our success are our shared beliefs and attitudes that have been developed into organizational culture. Our culture captures the full value of our human resources, students, and industry partners.

We operate with a culture of shared sense of purpose that always puts students first. We have a fiduciary responsibility to our students to act with uncompromising integrity across all levels of students’ journeys. The mutual respect and relationship between our organization and the students are strong. The trust we have from our students is earned. We use the power of our culture to transform the lives of hundreds of learners and make their unique contributions to our diverse world

  1. Our partners

The strong bond we have with our partners and industry network is one of the main enablers. Their engagement is valuable and critical to ensuring our training and assessment are aligned to current methods, technology, products, and performance expectations.

  1. Our Goals

Goal # 1 – High-Quality Training and Assessment Strategy and Practice.

We are proud of our reputation for delivering high-quality and relevant vocational education. We will continue to refine our quality delivery.

We will provide an inclusive and equitable vocational education and training with the same access to everyone. Through our quality education training and assessment of students, we will ensure students are well equipped for employment or further study; their qualification is seen as credible when they enter the job market, and they are judged by employers as holding the skills and competencies specified in their qualification.

In turn, our high-quality training and assessment will support employers to have confidence that our graduates in the workplace will safely and productively apply the skills described by their qualifications.

For ACPS quality education has a bigger purpose – quality education is much more than gaining content knowledge or technical skills. It is about being able to participate fully in society

Goal # 2 – Strong Partnership with Industry and Community

We understand the importance of genuine engagement and close working relationships with employers, industry, the community, and other partners to maximize our contribution to the economy and the wellbeing of the communities we serve.

We will develop a range of strategies to engage with relevant industry stakeholders and ensure employers, industry, and students have confidence in the integrity, currency, and value of the qualifications we deliver.

We will engage industry experts to ensure training and assessment are aligned to current methods, technology, products, and performance expectations for the workplace tasks specified in the training package.

We will be built strong work relationships with partners to graduate job-ready workforce in the disciplines and regions where they are needed most and help drive the nation’s economic growth. We will have a creative approach and ambitious mechanism of communication that quickly respond to our partners’ calls and recommendations.

Goal # 3 – Growth and Sustainability

Business growth and sustainability are strategic priorities for ACPS. As an education and training provider, we are committed to enhancing our financial position to reinvest in our community. Under this Strategic Stream, we will review and refine our courses in response to market demand.

ACPS will undertake a detailed review of key operational effectiveness measures and implement

improvements to ensure the best possible alignment of resources to achieve strategic objectives.

With robust systems and improvement of our operational excellence, we will aim to expand our footprint in three areas in greater Melbourne. Whilst maintaining and refining our quality we will increase our marketing campaigns including optimizing our digital marketing to encourage online reviews and grow our business.

We will partner with regional and state education providers to deliver education and training to students and staff Australia-wide.

Goal # 4 – Compliance and Quality Assurance

Compliance is central and unalterable part of our organizational culture. Our leadership team emphasizes ethics, calls out good behavior, and doesn’t tolerate bending the rules. We see compliance as best practice and not as a task that is done to tick regulatory requirements. 

We set the compliance tone at the top and set the standards that will trickle down through the rest of our organization.

Our compliance practices will mainly focus on self-assurance. The self-assurance approach will be designed to form a proactive risk management approach that can effectively self-assure ACPS in our compliance practice.

We will ensure our practice meets the requirements of the Standards and Regulatory requirements across all our scope of registration and has met the requirements of the Standards.

We will conduct regular internal audits to ensure our compliance with Commonwealth, state, and territory legislation and regulatory requirements relevant to our operations.

We will design and implement training and assessment strategies and practices that ensure all current and prospective learners will be trained and assessed by the requirements of the Standards.

We will have in place ongoing compliance that will be assured through systematically monitoring our training and assessment strategies and practices.

We will systematically evaluate and use the outcomes of the evaluations to continually improve our training and assessment strategies and practices.

We will proactively

  • identify and fix issues as they arise
  • manage risks to quality outcomes and, in doing so,
  • ensure quality student outcomes
  • have confidence that we meet our regulatory obligations on a sustained basis.


Goal # 5 – Playing a Role in Building Social Cohesive Society

We recognize successful settlement, social situations, socio-economic participation, societal stability, and harmony, and employment is significantly influenced by education and training.

ACSP will be at the forefront of social changes, supporting new arrivals as they begin to contribute economically and socially to our diverse communities.

We will provide public value by encouraging immigrants to complete vocational education and training. Our campuses will promote and create learning environments and spaces for diverse participation, communication, relationships, friendships, belonging, and learning about oneself and others. Our educational methods and course contents will promote social cohesion and national integration.

Our unique relationship with migrant communities and settlers will be the foundation of our approach to a successful settlement. We will harness the resilience of refugees and migrants and build their skills on their strengths.

We will provide extra support to Aboriginal and Torres Islanders. We will employ Indigenous Support Workers to address barriers faced by Indigenous students and identify opportunities to enhance their engagement and success in education.

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