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Certificate III Early Childhood Education and Care and More Courses in Werribee

Australia has a high demand for childhood education and care diploma courses. Australian College of Professional Studies provides government funded courses. We have a team of professionals offering Certificate III Early Childhood Education and Care Diploma in Werribee. This beginner’s course for early childhood care provides the basic skills and understanding needed to become a qualified subsidiary in this field.

Through this course, you can learn about productive relations and communication with kids, proper management for infants and children, nutrition, first aid, safety, and legal and ethical work. All our teachers are experienced professionals of early childhood education and provide the latest information for current industry criteria and processes.

At the Australian College of Professional Studies, our students graduate with skills and knowledge that are practical for
real work and experience. This course will enhance your ability to work properly in the early childhood department.

There may be times when you will need to move outside the general training location. You might have to participate in the
placement, which may include other areas or suburbs of Melbourne.

Advanced Diploma of Community Sector in Werribee

CHC62015 Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management offered by ACPS provides capability to function in various
community roles.

Many early childhood service managers lack high-level skills and knowledge in areas such as leadership and mentoring,
change management, service coordination, innovation, legal and regulatory compliance, and business. This course helps you
realise the operational capacity, risk assessment, and finance issues.

This qualification is specifically designed to support these areas of skills and knowledge. It helps you learn the responsibilities
of early childhood mentoring.

Best Institute for Vocational Government-funded Courses in Werribee

Finding a career option that is both easy and profitable is not difficult in Australia. With Australian College of Professional
Studies, you can easily ace any vocational course. Our flexible approach helps students from different regions to learn new skills.

The qualified staff at ACPS is dedicated to inculcating the best ideas in students about each and every course. We have adapted
remote learning techniques to help our students learn from wherever they are.

From theory to practical learning, we have incorporated the best teaching methods to help students learn the necessary skills.
We instil in our students the seed of professionalism with skills. Our vocational courses help students turn their compassionate
self-more productive.

Without having to waste much money and time, students in Werribee can master the much needed skills.

Why Choose Us?

Are you in search of a reliable institute for skill set courses in Werribee? The Australian College of Professional Studies can help.

  • Qualified teachers
  • Years of experience
  • Transparent education patterns
  • Huge list of vocational courses
  • Government funding available
  • Remote learning
  • Risk management
  • Best advanced and diploma courses
  • Affordable courses

Our Safety Guidelines

The Australian College of Professional Studies generally offers face-to-face training. However, in line with the government
guidelines and COVID Safety restrictions, many courses at our institute are available for distance learning blended with
on-campus learning.

We believe in quality education, and we retain the efficiency during remote teaching.

Contact us on 0432 664 714 or write to us at info@acpstudies.edu.au for more information.