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Five (5) Reasons to study Certificate IV Mental Health with the Australian College of Professional Studies.

1. It is a rewarding job

Our Mental health course, which is a government-funded and free course for eligible learners, adds value to society. Whether it’s by helping the population to fight against stigmatization, promoting aid for cross-cultural care, or support by other various means, a mental health specialist provides a much-needed lending hand of support for these lives.

By enrolling and graduating in CHC43315 – Certificate IV Mental Health, which is an online course, you will be able to make a positive difference in the lives of thousands of people.

Nothing is more rewarding than walking away from your job every day knowing you’ve acted as a positive force in someone’s life – you’ve been there for them, you’ve listened to them, and that’s the purest way of helping someone who is suffering.

Nothing is more rewarding than being part of the light that gives happiness to those in need even when they are in their darkest time.

2. It makes an important difference in the lives of millions

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics report that was released this month (July 2022) 19.6 million Australians aged 16-85 years, and over two in five Australians aged 16-85 years (43.7% or 8.6 million people) had experienced a mental disorder at some time in their life.

By enrolling and graduating in CHC43315 – Certificate IV Mental Health, which is an online and state and government-funded course, you will make an important difference in the lives of others. You will help one in five (21.4%) or 4.2 million Australians who face a 12-month mental disorder.

3. The mental health industry presents a fantastic career opportunity for those looking for job security, better fulfillment, and enviable flexibility.

One thing is for certain: having a career in mental health means you’ll never be short of an opportunity. Demand for mental health jobs has shown strong growth in the past two years, with predictions the workforce will need to grow more by 2050 to meet care needs. For example, Social Workers’ future growth is predicted to be 23.2%.

4. Our Mental Health course is a nationally recognized and accredited qualification.

Our mental health course which is delivered online and face to face is both nationally recognized and accredited. This provides our learners with a competitive edge in employment opportunities in comparison to those students from non-accredited courses.

5. You will be guided by highly qualified trainers and assessors

ACPS prides itself on the quality, level of expertise, knowledge, and qualifications of its trainers and assessors.

ACPS is honored to have a trainers and assessors team composed of highly qualified vocational professionals including subject experts in mental health.

The allocated trainer and assessor holds

The allocated trainer and assessor holdsVocational competencies

Current industry skills (with more than 8 years of experience) in community service and mental health including mental health first aid. and undertake professional development in the fields of the knowledge and practice of vocational training, learning, and assessment including competency-based training and assessment.

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