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HLTAID003 – Provide First Aid


**Government Funding is Available for Eligible Individuals

Australian College of Professional Studies is a Registered Training Organisation (TOID 41036) registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority. RETS is proud to offer the “HLTAID003 – Provide first aid” training course. This program provides participants with skills and knowledge required to provide emergency first aid response to casualty at workplace or in a community setting. This includes providing CPR, applying bandages, treating various emergency situations like shock, asthma, and allergic reactions and treating fractures etc. If first aid certificate is a requirement of your workplace or your current first aid certificate is expired or expiring soon, this is the course for you.

 Training is delivered in a classroom environment. Participants are required to attend one training sessions of 8 hours with a pre reading of about 10 hours. Participants are given a textbook that is required to be read before the training session. Training is delivered using multimedia tools for example power point slides and DVDs. Participants also perform various roles plays to simulate an emergency situation. Participants are given opportunity to ask questions about the assessment processes. At least 5 participants are required to run the class. In case if the desired class size is not achieved, classes are postponed until 5 participants have confirmed enrolment. Participants are advised of the this change (classes are postponed) in the training sessions and are offered 100% refund of the fees paid if textbooks are returned, if they need to complete the training by a certain deadline.

On successful completion, you will be issued with the nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for HLTAID004 Provide Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Settings.

 The assessment is conducted using a combination of demonstration of first aid skills during different simulated emergency scenarios, and knowledge tests. The following provides a brief explanation of the assessment methods that are to be applied:

Knowledge Test. The participants are required to undertake a written knowledge tests and multiple-choice questions. The assessor will provide a test to the participants at the end of the session and the participants will be required to individually complete the test.

Demonstration / Role-Play. The participants are required to demonstrate a range of skills whilst being observed by, or interacting with, the assessor. These activities will be clearly explained and always relate to duties relevant to the emergency situations. These activities allow the assessor to observe the participants apply their knowledge and skills during practical activity. Role – Plays are conducted after the knowledge test.

 As part of this training program you will be undertaking a nationally recognised unit of competency – HLTAID003 Provide first aid.

There are no specific entry requirements for this course. Participants should be above 17 years of age. It is required that participants have physical capacity to provide CPR on the floor to causality as per the training package requirements. It is expected the participants are renewing their first aid training course completed previously.

The program is designed to be delivered over 1 day (One training session) of 8 hours.

Participants are issued with a statement of attainment within 7 days of them completing the course assessment requirements.

Detailed participant information is available within our Participant Handbook, which is supplied with the enrolment package. This booklet contains important information about a participant’s rights and obligations such as their right to privacy, a safe training environment and the right to complaints/ appeals. It is important that persons applying for enrolment have had an opportunity to review this information first. Please con-tact us and we can send this information to you straight away.

Applicants can apply for recognition of their existing skills and knowledge that are relevant to this program. These skills and knowledge may have been obtained through workplace training or experience. Recognition of prior learning for this course is only available through assessment process. In this case, participants undertake the normal assessment processes only, instead of taking formal training assessment stream of the course. Participants for with recognition application undertake the same assessment processes as formal participants undertaking the complete course.

No credit transfer is available for this course. Participants are encouraged to notify ACPS of their interest or intention to apply for RPL prior to their enrolment.

This course is available on a fee for service basis only. The current cost for this course in $120, which includes all the expenses i.e. textbook, one copy of statement of attainment. Additional statement of attainments can be purchased at $20 per copy.

ACPS will issue a statement of attainment within 7 days of the final assessment being completed.

Training is delivered in our training campus located at 5/41-45 Railway Avenue, Werri-bee VIC 3030

Please contact (03) 87141222 for more information.

CPR First Aid Courses & Training in Melbourne

If you are looking for first aid training in Melbourne, then you have reached the right place. Australian College of Professional Studies (ACPS) is an accredited institution to provide first aid courses for emergency situations.

Being a Registered Training Organisation (TOID 41036) with the Australian Skills Quality Authority, ACPS is proud to offer the first aid courses and training for medical aspirants or people who always find themselves in a situation where they are obliged to help someone.

Not only are medical professionals expected to have first aid knowledge, but many firms, platforms, public places, and offices also need certified aides.

There are various jobs other than medics, in which you must have certified knowledge for first aid:

  • Police
  • Fire fighter
  • Swimming trainer
  • Teacher or instructor
  • Beach guard
  • Pilot/air host/stewards
  • Commercial employee or guard and more

Getting your first aid certificate in Melbourne at the Australian College of Professional Studies, helps you learn fundamental survival skills that can save a life at the time of emergency or until the medics arrive.

We procure students with first aid courses including:

  • HLTAID001 first aid certificate for providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • HLTAID003 certificate for providing first aid
  • HLTAID004 certificate for providing emergency first aid response in an education and care setting.

HLTAID001 First Aid Certificate for Providing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Australian College of Professional Studies is proud to offer the “HLTAID001 – Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation” training course. This program provides participants with the skills and knowledge needed to provide emergency CPR support for casualties at work or in the community. This course is for you, if your CPR certificate is a requirement for your workplace, or if your current CPR certificate has expired or is about to expire.

Some important facts about the course:

  • It is an in-classroom training session
  • You are required to attend only one training session that is of 4 hours
  • Given booklet should be thoroughly revised before the session
  • We use multimedia tools to procure training
  • Hypothetical situations and imitation of emergencies are done to practically understand the process
  • We admit a minimum number of 5 students per session
  • Students are assessed based on the demonstration of CPR aid and a written knowledge test of MCQs

HLTAID003 First Aid Certificate to Provide First Aid in the Workplace

This course will teach you the skills and knowledge necessary to provide first aid and life support. It will help you learn to manage casualty and other first aid until emergency qualified assistance arrives at the scene of the incident.

We teach in compliance with the Australian skills quality authority.

Program highlights

  • One training session of 8 hours and pre-reading of about 10 hours
  • Training is delivered using multimedia
  • Minimum of 5 students per session are mandatory
  • Assessment will be based on a knowledge test and a demonstration or role play
  • Skilled to provide basic first aid to casualties

HLTAID004 certificate to Provide Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting

This certificate course is intended for educators and support staff. Those working in education and care settings must respond to first aid emergencies, including asthma or allergy emergencies. Units of this competency contribute to the training of first aid, approved under the National Law of Education and Medical Services and the National Rules of Education and Medical Services (2011).

Units of this competency have been approved by ACECQA and meet the requirements of “First Aid, Asthma, Allergy”.

Duration and delivery

2 days of classroom (face-to-face) or online learning (4-5 hours of theory) and 1 day of practical assessment in the classroom.


The success of this certificate is determined by a variety of methods, including a demonstration.

  • Practical Skills Assessment
  • Participation in Role Playing
  • Case Study Analysis
  • Written Quiz
  • Online Assessment
  • Structured Questions and Discussion
  • Observation of Simulated Activities

Same Day First Aid Certificate

Receive online first aid course module and attend a simplified face-to-face CPR first aid course in Melbourne to get a first aid certificate on the same day. A ratified first aid certificate by Australian College of Professional Studies will open the door to success for you.

To get your certificate the same day you need to:

  • Enrol and pay your fee
  • Provide your valid ID
  • Complete your online face-to-face training.

After completion, your certificate will be mailed to you, which you can convert into a hardcopy. Join ACPS to get certified. Contact us on 04 3266 4714 or write to us at info@acpstudies.edu.au for more information.

Duration 1 Day
Level Short Courses
Instution Australian College of Professional Studies
Branch Werribee
Level Short Course
Unit Code HLTAID003
Course PDF Download

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